Lifelong learning and self-improvement are the keys to success.

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Proper technique, proper progression, constantly varied exercises, functional movements and athleticism.

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GYROTONIC® training to help you move freely again and improve your range of motion.

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I have always felt that my purpose is to help others reach their full potential. I have been blessed to have developed a keen eye for details during my career as an Elite Athlete.

I now use that skill to dissect movement and behavioral patterns with each of my clients. Whether it is to restore physical balance using the GYROTONIC® Method, or to restore mental balance through my mentoring program, I am determined to positively impact each person I work with and help them reach their goals.


Mindset is everything.


Guidelines on how to transform your body.


You are only as strong as your weakest link.

Personal Training

Physical strength feeds inner strength.


Advanced methods of movement that heal the body and create a superior level of strength and mobility.

Athletic Coaching

20 years of Olympic training information offered in workshops for enhanced performance and technique correction.



Melanie Rinaldi changes lives. She is one of the most positive people I've ever met, and she is always out for the best interest of others. She will stand by your side, and walk with you every step of the way. Melanie will always meet you right where you are, and and help build you up to be the best that you can be. There is no one better to walk alongside you on this journey called life.

Christie Shefchunas Former University of Miami Head Swimming Coach

Melanie, over the years, became a good friend of mine, and that means a lot because normally I strictly have a" no interaction policy" with my students outside training sessions. But who can resist this open and loving soul that sits in this person. I will never forget her eyes when Melanie told me the story of how she loves to jump across the pool from the 10-meter diving platform. This yearning to be free and fly through the air, ignoring the laws of gravity... this is what makes her, and everything she does, special. I feel happy that I broke one of my rules for her because I now have a great friend in my life...


I began working with Melanie about six months ago. I had previous exposure to Gyrotonic and appreciated the extent to which it could help me with shoulder and back mobility issues -- limitations which had increasingly impacted me in life in general in the form of pain and discomfort and also specifically with my golf game. As an instructor and therapist Melanie has exceeded my expectations. She is deeply knowledgeable and also highly focused on what her clients are looking to achieve. She has developed a program for me that has exceeded expectations and led to results that I can feel and see on a weekly basis. I would recommend her without reservation.

John Tullis University of Miami MBA