I have had many failures, but it is because of those failures that I succeed. During my motivational speeches, I share personal stories of my life’s most trying times.

It was during my most personal, athletic and academic challenges that opportunities presented themselves for me to develop my inner strength, resiliency and courage. Those periods of my life have become extremely valuable in showing others how to fight through adversity, pain and disappointment. The goal is not to focus on the failure, but more importantly about the recovery.


Hiring a motivational speaker can help young and old alike. Sometimes you just need a kick start.


Open your eyes to the possibilities of self-improvement. You are the only one standing in your way..


The environment you expose yourself to can help make or break you. Learn how to chose wisely so that you can attract the goodness your life deserves.


Melanie can help enhance your ability to lead, in your own life, or in your professional or sports career. Goal setting, time-management, prioritizing, commitment and execution are some of the key topics targeted in the Mentoring Program.


As the head coach of the Canadian national diving team, I saw Melanie mature from an aspiring young diver into an elite athlete representing Canada on the international stage. Throughout her career, Melanie distinguished herself by her relentless drive and sense of purpose that carried her to the highest levels of international competition. Her attention to physical development resulted in her becoming one of the fittest divers in the world and her perseverance allowed her to overcome obstacles that for most, would be career-ending. Melanie follows through on her commitments and does not let anything stand in her way. Indeed, it is certain that as a professional, Melanie will always do whatever it takes to ensure a successful outcome for each and every one of her clients.

Mitch Gellar Chief Technical Officer

I’ve known Melanie for many years now and have been truly blessed to know her as more than just a patient but as an amazing friend. When I first met Melanie, she was training hard for the Olympics as a Diver. Being a diver, one must contort one’s body in such a way that is unnatural to the human frame. Do this long enough and the body starts to change accordingly. Because of this unnatural change, the body starts to compensate. Combine this with aggressive training to compete at an elite-level and injuries are sure to follow. We worked on a multitude of injuries that arise from any athlete training at such a high level. Being her Chiropractor, I was able to work hands on to align her spine, work on muscle imbalances and rehab several muscle strains and tears back to a highly functional level. In all the patients and athletes I’ve worked on, Melanie was and is by no doubt one of the most hard working and passionate athletes, never letting a small set back deter her from her dream and passion. This passion, of course, continued after her retirement of diving and transcended into her new passion as a Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic instructor. Seeing her body change back to better than normal and having experienced her training first hand, I have found that this new found passion is more then another fad exercise program and stretching class. It’s a re-education of the human frame in which I recommend to my patients on a daily basis and to anybody who is looking to balance and tone their body, increase range of motion and improve their quality of life. Melanie has, over the years, evolved from a patient to a friend to a fellow professional that I trust, comfy in and co-manage patients with. She is hard working, passionate and honest and would better the life of anyone she meets whether it be socially or professionally. I am truly honored to call her my friend.

Gerardo Martinez, D.C. Chiropractor

Melanie accepted the challenge of speaking to over 200 high school girls. With a high percentage of our over all students being athletes, Melanie found a way to reach the girls deeper than by just talking to them about her athletic success. She opened up to them about important life lessons and how resilience is key to success. It was an honor to have her come and want to get involved with our students. Realizing that mentorship is one of the things that attributed to her success, she was open to be just that to our students, a mentor.

Mary Rojas Our Lady of Lourdes Academy